The PERFECTFit Guarantee

Every PERFECTfit in-ear solution is created just for you – it is as unique as you are. This means that even though we have 70 years of experience, we have not seen everything yet!

All PERFECTfit products therefore come with our PERFECTfit guarantee – its about peace of mind and confidence that we will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

“Every custom made PERFECTfit product is guaranteed to be free of defects. It will fit well and wear comfortably.

“Any product presented to us that fails to meet these criteria and is presented to us via the original point of purchase within 14 days of purchase, will be remade until the product wears comfortably. If, after due effort, this is not possible, we will arrange a full refund.”

Important Notes:

• Custom made products should fit snugly in the ear, so a slight feeling of pressure is to be expected, especially after insertion. However, there should be no rubbing or sore points.

• Some people find it can take a few days to acclimatise to the sensation of a custom made product in your ears. This is particularly true where they are being worn by first time users or for extended periods of time: surf/ swim plugs or noise filters for example.

• Whilst this guarantee is underwritten by PERFECTfit, customers should address any queries to their PERFECTfit outlet and point of purchase in the first instance.