PERFECTfit for DJs and Serious Clubbers in Support of FlipSide

tinnitus awareness exhibition

The PERFECTfit ER range is the original choice of noise protection for DJs and serious clubbers.


Produced in the UK in PC Werth’s London Laboratory (which is also the longest established ear mould Lab in the UK) – PERFECTfit ERs are second to none. Every mould is individually crafted, hand finished and checked for acoustic performance, making each one a unique mini-sculpture. The ER filter insert was developed by serial inventor and audio genius Dr Mead Killion at Etymotic Research, who also invented the in-ear earphone. As such, the ER range is the world’s first noise filter designed to attenuate all sound frequencies equally. This means music with PERFECTfit ER filters sounds as expected, retaining the crystal high notes and with a minimum of muffling or boomy low-end notes.


It is natural choice for serious DJs, clubbers, and all professionals working in highly vibrating, exciting, yet not-so-ear-friendly environment.


You can learn more about the DJ’s life, importance of noise protection and see some great images by visiting the FLIPSIDE exhibition opening February 26th in Hoxton Gallery, East London. The FlipSide is what it is all about: too much noise damages hearing. Eventually this can lead to Tinnitus and hearing aids – or both. The Exhibition will be followed up by After Party.


PC Werth and PERFECTfit are proud to support FlipSide because hearing and communication is all we do – for nearly 70 years, we have supported the message that the simplest way to protect your hearing, your music and your quality of life is to keep your exposure to noise within safe limits. It’s easy:

  1. Reduce your exposure to needless loud noise
  2. Wear hearing protection when you are in a noisy environment

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