Celebrities Love Ear Plugs!

With so many celebrities suffering from temporary hearing loss and tinnitus these days, it’s no wonder public figures are increasing their support of ear plugs. It’s no default that they’re many of the worlds’ most loved leaders, teachers and stars. Adored by millions, these celebrities are often wiser than most and protecting their hearing has become part of public life. Today we take a peek at some of the most popular ear plug wearing moments in current pop culture:

The Queen:

Imagine being the Queen of England on her Golden Jubilee. Her majesty stood on the balcony of Buckingham palace overlooking thousands and thousands of supporters who appreciate the significance of her family history, wanting to see one of the most powerful and wealthiest women in the world, all celebrating the legacy of the country. But what about the sound created from all the exciting chatter of the audience? And it’s all facing the Queen. No wonder the dear lady wears ear plugs! As much as she appreciates the support of the country, her poor ears drums have been exposed to more than most and this wise lady knows it’s best to protect her hearing whilst she still has it.

Britney Spears:

There are many who vow to wear ear plugs whilst this song bird sings, however, this pop star is no fool when it comes to protecting her own hearing. Ms Spears is one of the world’s most famous pop stars having sold over 100 Million albums worldwide. Love her or hate her, she’s not about to stop any time soon and preserving her aural health is vital to her career. Whilst judging season 2 of The X Factor, Spears made sure to practice hearing protection whilst in front of the large audience. Ear pieces are often used in television to communicate to those on stage but protecting one’s hearing is a new edition that Britney Spears wasn’t going to miss out on doing.

Nelson Mandela:

Hailed as one of the greatest leaders of our time due to his efforts in overcoming the Apartheid regime in South Africa, Nelson Mandela set a precedent for the entire world to observe. After being in prison for 27 years he was released and prevailed to be the first black president in the new post Apartheid South Africa. This is one wise man. And this is why he uses ear plugs. The 46664 initiative is his charity whereby pop concerts are hosted to raise funds for those in needs. Global leaders including Beyonce, Bob Geldof, Brian May, Bono, Annie Lennox amongst others performed at the concerts to increase global awareness. Although the music was “loud” enough to reach millions, Mandela was sure to keep his ears nicely protected throughout the concert series with his custom earphone sleeves.

Maybe President Obama should take a clue from these leaders and grab himself a set of PERFECTfit ear plugs!

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