Summer Offer on Perfect Fit Custom Ear Moulds

ERs, PROs, Swim Plugs and Music Clear Sleeves

Whatever you have planned for the remainder of the summer, whether these are beach holidays, music festivals or spectating at motorsports, it’s safe to assume that you will be exposing yourself to some hearing or ear unfriendly environments.

Custom Swim Ear Moulds

The easiest way to prevent you or your children suffering from what is called swimmer’s ear is to use a well-fitting pair of custom swim plugs. This limits the amount of water entering the ear canal as well as reducing the chance of ear ache associated with persistent immersion in and out of salty or chlorinated water. PC Werth’s custom swim ear moulds designed to fit securely are manufactured using floatable, fluorescent medical grade silicone with an integral grip to aid in safe and easy removal.

Live Music

If you are venturing out in the open-air for one of the many concerts or festivals this summer you don’t need to worry about the potential damage to your hearing these brilliant, but VERY loud (ringing in your ears for days afterwards), events can cause. You can still enjoy the supreme sound quality without the perils to your hearing wearing proper hearing protection which is not only advisable for music professionals, but anyone who wants to enjoy the music … for longer.


Out for a ride? Need protection against wind, road and engine noise whilst keeping situational awareness?  Designed with motorsports in mind, whether competing or spectating, our NoisePro ear moulds with attenuation levels from 9dB to 27dB, are water resistant so you can enjoy your favourite motoring sounds with no loss of protection, even in the British Summertime. It’s also worth mentioning that our hearing protection filters can be swapped out to allow for different levels of protection depending on what you are doing.

Customised Offer for Perfect Fit Customers

If all of the above applies to your customers’ needs, don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our Summer Custom Made Offer.

This summer the ERs, PROs, Swim plugs and Music Clear sleeves are subject to our Summer Promotion strictly for our Perfect Fit Customers.

If you are a Perfect fit Customer and wish to purchase any of the above products at our special promotional rate, please contact us. Terms and Conditions apply*.

custom ear moulds and sleeves from PC Werth

*Terms and conditions:

  • Last orders must be received by close of business on the 29th September 2017
  • All options remain at standard list pricing
  • Remakes from existing impressions, moulds or gels at additional costs
  • If your order is for Music Clear earphone sleeves, please contact us with model details to confirm availability

All of our existing terms and conditions apply in addition to the above, these can be found on our main website

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