The Perfect Fathers Day Gift

Why are Dads always the most difficult people to buy presents for? Is it because they’re always 10 steps ahead of us and have taken great care of us all our lives? Or is it because they’ve often bought the toys they want already? Yeah. Tough one to try to compete with! So how can you show you care this Father’s Day?

Motor SportWell, one thing father’s are not so hot on is looking after themselves – or following their own advice for that matter. So whether they are DIYing (or DYI – “do yourself in”!) without goggles or leaving earplugs in the house when mowing, they are not very good at practicing what they preach (safety first) to those they love!
Also, we’ve found over the years that something with a little bit of thought goes a long way. So, something practical and helpful, that shows you care, but that they have not already (and would not have thought of) could well be a good option this Fathers’ Day.

According to these criteria, a pair of personalised custom ear plugs is hard to beat.
Perfect for sports-loving dads, outdoor-loving dads, dads who sleep next to snoring mums or dads who need to travel for work, custom-made ear plugs are a caring and personal gift.

Businessman Sleeping in an AirplaneThey’re even great for dads on the move. Many fathers across the world spend time away from their families travelling for business. So a decent set of sleep plugs from his nearest and dearest will ensure that he gets a great night’s rest whether on an aeroplane or in a foreign hotel. A little piece of home as he goes about his business, if you will.

And for active types, our Noisepro range is a great way for dads to protect their hearing from loud and damaging noise. Perhaps your dad loves motorsports such as Formula 1 or motor bike racing (or even shooting). Make sure he protects his ears from the loud noise as well as potential tinnitus.

White River RaftingThere is even something for the (big) waterbaby who like being outdoors and spending his time in the water; competitive and wild swimming, diving or white river rafting, triathlon and the like. For guys like this,protecting his ear canals from water penetrating the ear drum is really important – you can make sure he does this with a pair of ear plugs for water; designed specifically to keep water out the ear canal.

If you’d like to give your dad a pair of ear plugs this Father’s Day, make sure you check out our products to find the one that suits your dad’s personality best. You can even save some money using our special vouchers – Dads always like a bit of that!

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