PCWERTHSTORE is now open: click "shop" at the top of this page for online ordering

It’s been on the wish list for a long time, but our new webshop is now officially open and up and running.

Click the picture to Visit our shop

Now that pcwerthstore is roaming the digital wilds , here’s a couple of gratifying comments – makes you wonder what some people got for Christmas though:

“The order process was straightforward and the accounts integration is great.”

“PCWerth’s new web store competes with Amazon, making online ordering for your Audiological needs a breeze. Very easy and swift. It does what it says on the tin…. shame I can’t but my Xmas presents through as well.”

Creating an account or registering to is simple enough, but we are delighted to help – just call Mark, David or Greg on 020 87722 700. 

And then there’s my personal favourite: giving one of our No-Type Adapters a whack is pretty theraputic and it zips you straight to the shop without you even having to open your browser. See if you can wangle one from the team on the number above, or email sales@pcwerth.co.uk


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