PC Werth Introduces Lighspeed Soundfield Systems

We are pleased to announce our new association with Lightspeed Technology Inc. of the USA and their range of In Classroom Advanced Soundfield systems – Redcat and 955Access.

The Lightspeed Redcat is a simple-to-use portable solution which makes it easier to travel from classroom to classroom. No installation – just take it out of the box and go! The Lightspeed 955 Access classroom amplifier connects to multimedia and comes with four speakers mounted on the wall. Exceptional sound clarity of both Lightspeed soundfield systems means that the teacher’s voice is evenly distributed around the classroom with no dropouts or interference leading to less voice strain, pupils’ higher engagement and classroom performance.

Lightspeed 955 Access Soundfield

Lighspeed Redcat Access Soundfield system

PC Werth the leading supplier of soundfield products for education


PC Werth’s aim, by adding this exciting product range to its comprehensive portfolio, is to continue to uphold our position as a true independent supplier of education sound systems allowing the teacher and the school to make the right choice for their pupils.

Whether it is Lesson Capture, Soundfield or Personal Hearing Solutions, our products for education offer the quality and value you need. Founded in 1947, PC Werth has been building strong relationships with international suppliers ever since. We pride ourselves on being at the very forefront of sound technologies and in giving our clients access to the most up-to-date teaching tools.

We have more than 25 years of experience in fitting Soundfield systems. We have installed over 6000 soundfield classrooms systems nationwide and numbers grow daily. Our experience covers a wide variety of school types where we have overcome many complex site conditions with our flexible range of technologies and accessories. Using specially-designed professional-grade components for PC Werth Soundfield systems means that they deliver excellent results over the long term – ensuring that you get the best return for the investment you have made in better classroom communication.

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