PC Werth and FlipSide Team up to Fight Tinnitus

Tackling tinnitus the innovative way…

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Millions of people globally admit to a passion for dance music, and appreciating the culture of which it forms a part. This February, PC Werth are sponsoring the FlipSide London Exhibition. This exhibition will showcase striking images of 28 internationally successful DJs and music producers, giving guests a glimpse into their personal lives. Specifically, the exhibition captures the artists outside the confines of their regular studio or DJ environment. The list of artists featured in this exciting exhibit includes (but is not limited to) Orbital, DJ Fresh, Goldie, Paul Oakenfold, Zane Low, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Mary Anne Hobbs, Jaguar Skills, Annie Mac, Andy C, Krafty Kuts, B.Traits, Example, Shy FX, DJ Hype, Fatboy Slim, Danny Howard and Boy George.


February 26th in Hoxton Gallery, East London you can have a peep into DJs flip side life. However, the FlipSide is more than that. It holds strong massage: too much noise damages hearing. Eventually this can lead to Tinnitus and hearing aids – or both. The Exhibition will be followed up by After Party. – See more at: http://www.perfectfitears.co.uk/blog/custom-ear-products/perfectfit-djs-serious-clubbers-support-flipside/#sthash.1uJXvr1e.dpuf


But why?

The exhibit will be raising funds and awareness for The British Tinnitus Association – which relies purely on public donations to fund its research. As tinnitus is an incurable condition that affects as much as 10% of the UK population, education on this condition is invaluable.

Tinnitus is currently on the rise. It is more common amongst musicians than the general population, with as many as one in eight musicians suffer from this potentially debilitating condition. Tinnitus is also largely preventable, and simply being aware of the causes and symptoms of this frustrating condition may save you unnecessary suffering down the line.

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As prevention is the only option when it comes to tinnitus,here’s what you need to know about this incurable condition…


15 fascinating facts about tinnitus

1)    While the most common cause of tinnitus is noise-induced-hearing-loss, other causes include over two hundred medicines (including aspirin), allergies, tumours, heart problems, health issue with regard to blood vessels, jaws, and the neck.

2)    Tinnitus means to tinkle or to ring like a bell in Latin. It is pronounced ti-night-us or tin-ni-tus, both are correct.

3)    Roughly 10% of the UK’s adult population, and 10-15% of the global population suffer from tinnitus. 1% of the global population claim they experience it severely enough to interfere with their daily lives.

4)    Tinnitus is more common amongst males.

5)    Tinnitus often sounds different to different people. The most common sounds described include whistling, ringing, clicking, hissing, roaring, and chirping.

6)    Hearing loss and tinnitus usually co-exist. Only about 18% of tinnitus patients have no degree of hearing impairment.

7)    Two types of tinnitus exist: objective and subjective. Objective tinnitus refers to when an observer is capable of hearing the noise generated by the tinnitus. Subjective tinnitus refers to when only the person suffering with tinnitus can hear the noise.

8)    Subjective tinnitus accounts for 95% of all cases.

9)    You’ve probably experienced temporary tinnitus before. After rock concerts or any situation in which we are exposed to loud noise for a prolonged period of time, our ears often “ring” for a while afterwards. This is a form of tinnitus.

10)Previously tinnitus was most prevalent amongst those over 40 years old. However, tinnitus is currently on the rise amongst the youth. This is primarily due to irresponsible use of headphones and music playing devices.

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11)The roots of tinnitus are neurological in nature, and not mental or emotional as one may assume. Even when the noise doesn’t actually occur in the external-ear environment (such as with subjective tinnitus), they are not an acoustic hallucination.

12)Sleep, sleep deprivation and sodium are all potential triggers of the condition.

13) Smoking cigarettes may also exacerbate the symptoms of tinnitus. This is because smoking cigarettes causes less oxygen to reach the brain as well as the nerve cells in the inner ear.

14)Pulsatile tinnitus is a type of tinnitus whereby the sufferer experiences pulsing sounds in their ears that beat in time with their heart beat. This noise is actually the sound of their blood vessels, and is often a result of high blood pressure.

15)No cure exists for tinnitus currently. There are, however, a number of treatments to help relieve the symptoms.


What’s in it for you?

As tinnitus can have such a negative, potentially life changing effect on sufferers, PC Werth are supporting this one-of-a-kind exhibition, and getting involved. Dj Erbndub was filmed having personalised PerfectFit ER15 and ER25 earplug impressions taken by the PC Werth audiologist. The process will be shown in the film to be screened at the exhibition.  PC Werth will also be giving out a limited number of free ETY Plugs from Etymotic Research. The FlipSide event itself will be split into a Private Viewing and Exhibition, and after party.


The future of FlipSide

After the February launch in London, the project plans to travel around the UK, then across the pond to LA, New York and Miami and back to Amsterdam and Ibiza.




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