New Partnership with Comfort Audio of Sweden

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Comfort Audio, to distribute the innovative Comfort Digisystem range in the UK and Ireland.

Digisystem is the marketing leader in the Nordic countries due to its flattering design, exceptional digital sound quality and flexibility.

This uniquely high performance range of communication solutions offers exciting new opportunities to:-

  • Professionals and adults looking for a hearing boost
  • Hearing Impaired Students and Educators
  • Cochlear Implant Users
  • Hearing Aid Users

Digisystem works as a “Bluetooth-style” earpiece for users without hearing aids or as a simple earhook/neckloop communicator for users with hearing aids or cochlear implants.

Just the size of your thumb and with an impeccably high-tech look, Digisystem products look fantastic as well as delivering stunning sound clarity. The options for use are also endless, whether as part of a solution for conferences and meetings, TV/telephone at home or better hearing at school.

Find out more about Comfort Audio products here or contact us ( for more information.

2 thoughts on “New Partnership with Comfort Audio of Sweden

  1. I am looking into fitting a ‘Comfort Audio’ radio system to a young CI user within our college. I would be grateful for information / brochure for a suitable Comfort Audio kneck loop system, together with a full price list of kits and assessories.


    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your interest in Comfort Audio. I’ve passed on your request to our team and they’ll in contact shortly.

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