PC Werth is Accessory Provider of the Year 2015

Accessory Equipment Provide 2015PC Werth won AIHHP’s accessory and instrument provider of the year at the recent AIHHP conference.

PC Werth’s Tom Parker was clearly very happy, and thanks members: “This is a delightful result for all of us at PC Werth, and is all the more special after our recent acquisition by IntriCon. Special thanks to all members and the independent sector as a whole for their support.”

The 2015 AIHHP conference was a well-attended and lively affair, where PC Werth took the opportunity to preview their new Kamplex  soundbooths and Kamplex r16 touchscreen tympanometer – which they believe to be the UK’s first portable touchstreen tymp. The PC Werth stand also focussed on their extensive range of wax management and microsuction products, as well as the PERFECTfit custom products, where the PC Werth lab has an enviable reputation for quality and attention to detail.

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