Paediatric Audiometry from PC Werth

When it comes to testing nothing is as important as accuracy. When it comes to testing youngest patients, time and attention span become equally crucial. Paediatric solutions from PC Werth address both – accuracy and timing. By providing visual stimuli for children, we guarantee accuracy of the results.


paediatric audiology with otoscope


Our solutions for audiologists diagnosing the youngest patients include: Kamplex VRA system, Kamplex tablet r17a and desktop r26m, and Primus Hit.

Kamplex Desktop Tympanometer for middle ear audiometry in children

Kamplex r26m features an in-built child’s screen – a series of animations appearing on the colour screen to keep the child distracted while running quick check and HF tympanometry.

Kamplex Tablet Audiometer for diagnostic testing

Kamplex r17a tablet with the revolutionary semi-automated play module allows full diagnostic testing via interactive touch-screen play.

Kamplex tablet with Play mode

Kamplex VRA System for accurate thresholds

The stand-alone VRA (visual reinforcement audiometry) system with animated toys provides engaging visual stimuli for children. The VRA from Designability (The Royal Hospital in Bath) was developed in response to the needs of professional audiologists, who require an effective and easily controlled reward system for use during paediatric hearing assessments.

The toys placed in the towers are used as a reward for little patients (2-6 years old) when they react to sound during testing. This makes the audiological testing easier to carry out, especially with subjects who have limited attention span. Children tend to co-operate for longer with a VRA system and provide more reactions. The system has proved very effective in obtaining accurate thresholds in hearing impaired children.

Indispensable when the young age is an important factor in accurate testing.


Hit Pro for accurate coupler based fittings

Finally, the new Hit Pro – not only allows you for accurate coupler based fittings, but also can be used as a stand-alone device – is all you need to complete thorough and accurate paediatric audiometry for your youngest patients!

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