PA Hall Systems from PC Werth Transform Your School Production into a Theatre-like Experience

Poor acoustics and large classrooms exacerbate students’ performance

There is plenty of data indicating that the main culprits for poor classroom performance are spacious (read Victorian) classrooms and poor acoustics. Especially, when it comes to school productions, assemblies or other curriculum events to which governors or parents are invited and which usually take place in PA halls or canteens, proper distribution of sound is a must.

Anticipating the needs of English schools, PC Werth have come with an effective solution – PA Hall Amplification Systems. This professional, robust and easy-to-use equipment will transform every school production, assembly or meeting into a theatre-like experience.

PA Hall system from PC Werth for school performance


PA Premium Hall System Tailored to Your Needs

PA Hall System as standard comes with a wireless mic but it is only the beginning of a story. You can upgrade your PA Hall System depending on your needs and wishes. As option they can come with:

Amplifier – we use high quality amplifiers, selected for simplicity of use and ruggedness.

CD/DVD player – still a mainstay of music in education and entertainment; especially built-in PA System for full performance experience

Multimedia doc – iPhone docks to bring more content and flexibility to your system

Wireless mics – selecting microphones and frequency channels for sound quality and performance without interference is a key consideration that we can help with

Laptop drawer – our laptop drawer is a popular choice which provides laptop connectivity and storage for leads and microphones

Speakers’ selection – select speakers for internal or external use that will give your hall fantastic sound reproduction – even in damp environments – outside or poolside

Trolley/Caged installation – choose a mobile system or a fixed system; whichever you select, your PA Hall System remains safe and secure – even in sport halls.


pupils in classroomcinema


Installation and Quality

The secret to a long-lived and successful installation is attention to detail. All PA Hall Systems are covered by a comprehensive warranty, including onsite call out and telephone support.

We make all systems on site in our London Workshop to your specifications and have spent many years selecting the right components for robustness and longevity. In addition, we take care of the tiny details … inputs and connections are put in the most convenient places. We make provision for future technologies and – of course – we make sure that everything is properly prepared and tested to comply with health and safety regulations.


Christmas Offer 2016

Purchase one of our PA Hall Systems and have it installed by the end of 2016 to get FREE CD/DVD Player worth £400.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Offer ends 31st December 2016.
  • PA System must be bought and installed by the end of 2016.


pa hall systems from PC Werth

“The staff are always very keen to use the hall system which is easy to manage and therefore in constant use throughout the week. We can use it during assemblies, PE sessions and, of course, at wet playtime when DVD can be played. There are morning fitness sessions for the children three times a week, so we use it to play music then.”

– St Andrew’s Church of England Primary School, Manchester

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