Otovation OTOsphere Clinical Audiometer Datasheet

We’ve quietly been supplying key customers with the Otovation OTOsphere over the last 6 months.

With the latest full release of the latest Symphony software and REM module for fitting hearing aids, we have now put the full specification and image online.


Who should consider OTOsphere?

Otosphere is a fantastic fitting system on a number of levels and is particularly suited to private audiology in the UK:

  • like OTOpod, OTOsphere light and portable
  • Otovation OTOpd users will have familiarity with Symphony software suite
  • High frequency options
  • PC controlled
  • Integrated QuickSIN tests
  • Fantastic performance freefield speaker
  • OTOsphere can be bought unit-by-unit as a modular system that increases capability as you develop your business

OTOsphere is available now.

Current OTOpod users – please contact us to ensure you have the latest software version.



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