OTOpod portable audiometer – the “best bit of kit” for audiology

OTOpod by Otovation still amazes for its combination of convenient portability, wireless simplicity and performance. We describe it as bagel-sized – which is about right, if not always visualisable.

And here is why the UK’s audiologists love it – nearly 500 of them can’t be wrong: Jo at Moray Hearing helped a recent presentation along by sharing her joy and now says in print….

“I could not live without my otopod. For home visits it is small , lightweight and takes up little room in the bag but does an essential job. The best piece of kit I carry round with me and saves having to pack my larger  desk based “diagnostic” audiometer every time I do a domiciliary visit”.

Nuff, said: OTOpod – THE portable audiometer – thanks Jo.


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