Even the Bespoke can be Personalised

All PEFECTfit products are made for you – and only you. The tailor-made service does not end with creating a bespoke in-ear product. You can select from wide range of colours and options available to personalise your custom made product. Please note that not all options are available for all products and some may attract a small charge.

Etching & Personalisation

The PERFECTfit London Laboratories can add your initials or name. Most customers ask us to laser etch their initials (see UK team shooter, Tim Hawkins’ testimonial).

Colour & Material

As the official UK agent for Dreve Biopor, PERFECTfit can manufacture custom ear products in a wider range of colours than anyone else. Simply choose the colour you want, or you can personalise things further by going for a colour mix, swirl, or different coloured tip. Click on the PERFECTfit colour chart to enlarge it.


In addition to choosing colour, you can also select to have glitter on your moulds.

Lanyards, finger grips and extraction

A PERFECTfit custom made product will fit snugly. However, if you have a particular need (or you are worried about dropping them, like a recent skydiver customer), we can add a lanyard for extra security. Just ask your PERFECTfit partner.

Spares & Replacements

Many clients order more than one set of moulds so that they either have a spare or have a set handy at all times. Motorcyclists, shooters and health and safety managers, in particular, seem to appreciate having a backup so that they are always protected. Just ask for a duplicate set at the time of order. Hundreds of musicians rely on our rapid replacement service. If you are worried about losing your moulds or that you will need replacements at short notice, just ask your PERFECTfit partner to order a negative – a permanent production mould of your ears. We will keep your personal negative on file in our London Laboratories so that we can meet any emergency in the shortest possible time.

Alternative PERFECTfit Products

If you have ordered one PERFECTfit product, the same impression can be used to make something else! So if you are interested in trying other PERFECTfit products, there is no reason not to go ahead and order them all together.