Onsite Calibration from PC Werth at the 2015 BSHAA Conference

As a result of our commitment to provide the latest technology and best services to the UK’s hearing professionals, PC Werth is bringing its Calibration skills to the BSHAA 2015 conference.

PC Werth Laboratories

Even though we have been in calibration business since ear trumpets gave way to valves, and offer an onsite calibration service, for 2015, we have decided to come even closer to  hearing professionals by offering Calibration at the very show they most likely will be attending.

Because we have had experience with many manufacturers and systems over the years, PC Werth technicians are adept at providing a full MOT and calibration for your audiological instruments quickly and cost effectively. We even warranty the work that we do, giving you that extra bit of peace of mind. It also goes without saying that our work  complies with international standards using certified calibration reference equipment.

Our laboratory regularly calibrates environmental monitoring instruments as well as our core business with screening and diagnostic audiometers and tympanometers, as well as fitting systems and clinical instruments such as Otosphere and Primus.

One Day Onsite Calibration at BSHAA

Because it is BSHAA – and our first conference calibration – we are offering special prices for prebooked calibration. Simply drop us an email Calibration and we’ll make the arrangements iwth you from there.

All the paperwork that follows calibration will be delivered to you within a week after BSHAA.

Standard calibration drop-off at the BSHAA

If you do not manage to reserve a calibration at BSHAA, we can still make life easier for you with our standard PC Werth calibration service. Simply drop your equipment off with us on stand. We will then whizz your unit back to the lab for faster processing at PC Werth and return it to you inside 3 days (Guarantee included. calibrations only: repairs not included).

To learn more about Calibration at PC Werth visit http://www.pcwerth.co.uk/products/calibration-and-repair-services/

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