Olympic Shooter Aims Higher with Noise Protection by PC Werth

Steve Scott, the UK’s number one trap shooter, recently took delivery of his specialised customer hearing protection from PC Werth. 

Steve was looking for new hearing protection before an important week-long training session in Kuwait.  He contacted us, via his audiologist, to arrange a set in double quick time.

As our press release explains; for us, it was interesting to work with Steve and to understand some of the sacrifices sportspeople have to make to stay at the top of their game. Steve is also acutely aware of the dangers of his sport – not just the more obvious ones related to guns, but also that of tinnitus which is a real concern.

David Stockdale of the British Tinnitus Association agrees and advises that “Hearing protection is a vital tool in preventing noise induced hearing loss and also tinnitus.”

 You can find out more about our range of noise protection from www.pcwerth.co.uk

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