Of Tinnitus and Chinese Medicine

Or how to protect your hearing, shun tinnitus, enjoy your night life, avoid world war III and still be home for dinner


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Although the reasons for tinnitus are unknown and the proper cure has not been discovered (yet), the old wisdom of Chinese Medicine tells us what the reasons which might stand behind tinnitus are.

Tinnitus (hearing different sounds in the inner ear) might come under many disguises. From the most commonly experienced ringing and beeping tones, which can affect even 1 out of every 10 adults living in the UK, to something like trumpeting, canons firing or even planes’ taking off in the worst case scenario. (Temporary tinnitus obtained after attending a gig is barely worth mentioning).

While you might never be able to avoid the love-music-so-much form of tinnitus acquired by audiophiles and musicians (many of celebrities suffer from tinnitus) if you are not wearing the proper hearing protection, Chinese Medicine may can come in handy in preventing milder cases.


What has tinnitus got to do with Kidneys?

And why during winter?

According to Chinese Medicine, the organ which is associated with ears thus tinnitus are Kidneys. That is why when we have poor Kidneys (so called “yang deficiency”) we are likely to experience early morning buzzes and shimmering in ears which have nothing to do with the traffic outside whatsoever.

If you are not too sure if the cause of your tinnitus is Kidneys deficiency then observe your body; very often along with tinnitus you may experience lower back pain, dizziness, cold limbs and drop of energy. That means you need to take better care of your Kidneys.

According to this ancient wisdom, black colour food and food in the shape of kidneys is associated with that organ. During winter we are also more likely to have problems with Kidneys – hence tinnitus might get stronger during that particular season.

So what can be done to avoid tinnitus according to the Chinese?

5 ways to handle tinnitus according to the Chinese Medicine:

1)      Keep warm

1. Keep Warm
Keep warm

Kidneys are very sensitive and like warm temperatures. That is why we should keep our lower back in warm and, if needed, wrap ourselves up especially when sitting in draft.

2)      Go to bed early and sleep longer hours – especially during winter


Sleep well
Go to bed early and sleep longer hours

We like to stay up into the night as days do not seem long enough and we end up in bed really late. And even if we sleep the-doctor-prescribed 8 hours, we somehow wake up tired. Well, according to the Chinese, it is not only the number of hours, but also time that you fall asleep that matters. If you suffer from tinnitus and have yang deficiency (sensitive Kidneys) go to bed before 10 pm!

3)      Eat particular food such as: black sesame, black beans, black soya and black rice

black sesame
Eat particular food such as: black sesame, black beans, black soya and black rice

Food really matters so eat healthy, warm (oven, not-pseudo-microwave warm!) wholefood meals three times a day. Remember that the Kidneys are particularly fond of black sesame, black beans, black soya and black rice. They also like seafood, as they are associated with water, so have plenty of fish!

4)      Reduce physical activity including sexual encounter during winter

man running
Reduce physical activity during winter

Although exercising is very good for your health, if you have Kidneys problems you want to refrain from physical activity – including sex – (at least for some time) especially when it is winter. Keeping fit and doing exercises in all shapes and forms might be fun provided you are in good health and have enough of Qi (life energy) to share with your partner. However, if your life energy is low, you want to keep whatever is left to yourself. So first rebuilt what has been used and later share it joyfully.

5)      Avoid coffee

woman drinking coffee
Avoid coffee

Having cup of coffee might seem like a booster but nothing could be more contradictory. The quick spike in energy levels is associated with flight or freight syndrome due to adrenaline release rather than the nice energy booster you get after doing exercises (in all shapes and forms). Coffee harms your Kidneys as well as your night life.

So next time if you start running around like a headless chicken hearing Wagner’s music loud and clear, it does not mean you have to invade a foreign country. It only means your body has had enough of coffee. So has your tinnitus!

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