Overall noise reduction NoisePro solid ear plugs

Product Overview

These custom moulded earplugs are great for those who desire overall and indiscriminate noise reduction. Custom moulded earplugs cut out about roughly 30 decibels of noise. This greatly reduces the impact that harmful noise can have on your hearing. As there are no filters, they block out conversation and are therefore not ideal for those who need to hear sounds around them. This is a cost effective way of protecting your hearing.


  • Custom moulded fit
  • Fully hygienic and cleanable
  • Clear colour as standard
  • Tried noise reduction properties
  • 1 year guarantee
 SRP: From approx £76.00 per pair

(note that this figure is indicative

options  and   services may cost extra)


  • Material: comfortable medical grade silicone in 3 different ‘hardness’ levels

What is Included?

  • Custom Moulded Solid Hearing Protection Plugs
  • Fitting and Cleaning Guides
  • Handy Carry Pouch


  • Lanyard
  • Engraving
  • Choice of various colours


How to purchase:

1. Call one of our partners below to book a time for impression taking.

2. Receive your custom moulded earplugs carefully crafted just for you!