Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Recently, The Who singer Roger Daltrey has been urging his fans to wear earplugs at concerts. Roger suffers with hearing loss and now wears two hearing aids. One common cause of hearing loss is prolonged exposure to excessively loud music. Or otherwise known as, noise induced hearing loss.

Read the full article from NME here.

What is noise induced hearing loss?

Every day we experience sound around us. Normally, these sounds are at a safe level that won’t damage our hearing. When the sounds become too loud, even for a brief time, it can damage your hearing. Noise induced hearing loss is the result of exposure to excessively loud noise, such as regularly attending concerts or even turning the radio up too loud for too long. In our blog ‘Are You Damaging Your Hearing?we explain the levels at which sounds become a danger to our hearing.

Noise induced hearing loss can go unnoticed for years or it can be an immediate problem. You may not notice that you have damaged your hearing, but it is likely you will notice the effects of NIHL in the future. Some common symptoms of hearing loss are finding it hard to focus on conversations or sounds appearing muffled. It is estimated that, those who are fitted with a hearing aid, have actually had a hearing loss between 7 to 10 years. To find out more about the symptoms of hearing loss read Have You Got Hearing Loss?.

How do you prevent noise induced hearing loss?

Noise induced hearing loss can be prevented with the right care. In fact, wearing hearing protection is one of the key things that you can do to protect your hearing in the long run. To find out more about how to prevent noise induced with PC werth’s special offer on custom noise protection. Offer lasts until 30th September. Read more: ERBNDUB100.

How can I manage noise induced hearing loss?

Hearing aids are the best option if you suffer from noise induced hearing loss. Hearing aids are designed to improve your ability to hear in everyday life and to reduce your awareness of tinnitus. The Kamplex range of hearing aids fit the majority of hearing losses from mild to severe. See the full range of hearing aids here.

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