Noise and the Law

Noise is a serious safety issue

The UK’s noise laws are prescriptive and comprehensive, yet clear, for employers and employees. (Visit the Health & Safety Executive for full details:

Key Concepts of the  Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005

There are lower and upper  noise exposure action values (80dB environmental or 135dB instantaneous peak and 85dB environmental 137dB instantaneous peak, respectively) which can be used to categorise the noise environment.

According to the HSE, employers should:

  • provide hearing protection to employees if requested by the employee and noise exposure is between the lower and upper exposure action values
  • provide hearing protection to employees and make sure it is used correctly when noise exposure is over the upper exposure action values
  • identfy  areas where hearing protection is compulsory, preferably with signage
  • ensure employees are suitably trained and have information on the use and care of their hearing protection
  • ensure  hearing protection is correctly used and maintained

(For complete guidance, visit Noise at Work, guidance for employers, published by the HSE –

Types of noise protection

The same HSE Guidance for employers document also demonstrates the pitfalls associated with overear muff noise protection and also instant “foam bung” protection

  1. Over ear muffs may not seal well where there is hair, jewellery or glasses.
  2. It is essential that foam bungs are correctly inserted and are clean to be effective.
  3. Over protection is counter-productive, since workers may find it impairs communication or efficiency.

Based on this HSE document, PERFECTfit NoisePro custom noise filters are  superior to muffs or instant bungs

  1. Custom moulded noise filters seal instantly, are not affected by hair or jewellery and remain comfortable with glasses
  2. Custom-fit noise filters are hard wearing, durable and easy to clean, preserving their effeciveness
  3. Chosing the right custom fit noise protection product can ensure that workers are not over protected and are therefore offered the suitable amount of protection

For more information on PERFECTfit NoisePro custom noise filters for work or leisure, contact your PERFECTfit outlet or PC Werth.


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