Noise Induced Hearing Loss is becoming bigger news these days – research does indicate that kids are blowing their hearing out with iPods, after all. this is just one reason why we created PERFECTfit custom products (and that the lab makes a cracking product).

So what is the correct tool to check NIHL out with? Assuming you have a Sound Level Meter (like the KM6), you can consider a dosimeter to assess the environment. After that, we generally suggest one of the following audiometers – which are all portable screening tools:

  1. MAICO MA25 – robust, basic, user friendly
  2. Kamplex KMS1 – super small and portable with freefield and headset. Portable printer too: our most portable device.
  3. Otovation Amplitude T4 – wireless, PC based screener: a good choice
  4. Otovation Otopod – Wireless, portable, PC based with speech: A great tool for comprehensive diagnostic audiology
  5. FIM ADL20 – PC based and automatic with HSE categorisation: worth looking at for occupational health

That said, our audiology customers love their Otopods. The below is typical (and short, but sweet)

Sent: 10 March 2013 23:05
To: Mark
Subject: RE: QuickSin Otopod

 Dear Mark

 Any update on this yet?

 The Otopod is brilliant for a quick audio working mobile – Doing loads of NIHL cases with it.

 Kind Regards


It’s easy to find out more – just email the PC Werth Healthcare Team us for information on any of the above – including custom fit noise protection.



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