NHS Kamplex Hearing Aids from PC Werth

PC Werth has announced that Kamplex Hearing Aids are on contract and available to all NHS audiology departments via NHSSC.

Kamplex, the house name of audiology instruments from PC Werth, has launched a range of ITE and BTE hearing aids, available now to all NHS audiology departments via NHSSC.

The new Kamplex KITE instant-fit ITE solution for same-day fittings is perfect for the first-time users. Without the hassle of impressions taking, KITE ITE is recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss. Quick to fit with the all-new and intuitive K-Fit fitting software created exclusively for NHS.

DSC_0045 DSC_0054

The new Kamplex K200D BTE comes with a classic ear hook or slim tube for high frequency losses. A good size volume control helps patients with poor dexterity. The Kamplex BTE is suitable for mild to severe hearing losses and available in four colours.

Kamplex Hearing Aids are part of a bigger Kamplex family of audiology instruments which also includes: sound level meters, handheld free-field warblers, audiometers, tympanometers, combined audio-tympanometers, REM and VRA systems. All units within the Kamplex “r” range are covered by a 3-year warranty which can be easily upgraded to 5 years.

For further information contact: PC Werth
T: +44 (0)20 8772 2700
E: Send Mail

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