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Why Our Partnership with Etymotic Research Could Change your Work.

One of the things that audiologists grapple with is that few people want our products. For PC Werth customers, this is about to change.

If your saw our recent announcement you will know that PC Werth’s new freedom and flexibility has allowed me to explore this topic further and to engage with the great minds at Etymotic Research.

ER are famous for a number of things, including the ER noise filter and as creators of the insert earphone. Etymotic’s great distinction is to create desirable consumer products that are professionally acceptable and of impeccable quality.

This means that for the first time, audiology professionals can engage with

consumer desire and hearing healthcare needs at the same time.

Dispensers and practitioners will tailor this theme to their needs, but for businesses with education programmes or a mission to improve hearing awareness, Etymotic products present the ideal proactive platform, backed up by your expertise.

For instance, the incredibly detailed sound of the hf-series of earphones (and I mean incredible) is a great message for kids and musos alike. But because Etymotic’s noise isolating headsets keep unwanted noise out and in-ear volumes down, they are safer. Links to our Etymotic range follow below.

And this is before fit and noise isolation are improved further with custom-fit sleeves, which may then lead in to awareness of other custom products like swim plugs.

This supports the most important hearing healthcare message of today and links audiologists’ role as “providers of hearing solutions” to their clear suitability as centres for comprehensive hearing health and sound excellence.

Frankly, there is a ton of material here. Your active promotion and engagement will pay dividends.

 More detail follows below and will be developed in The WIRe and on our blog.


Tom Parker



New Wax Management Solutions

Binoix Lighted Curettes


A recent article in BSA news prompted us to get our skates on and launch our range of Wax Management products. Based around the highly intelligent Bionix  curette and lighted curette system, we also bring you their unique approach to irrigation with Bionix Earwash.

Earwash is a special adapter that swirls 3 streams of water into the ear without introducing a probe – meaning there is less potential for damage from water pressure or wavering probe tips.


Bionix Earwash


We also carry the established range of Propulse, Noots tank and other equipment specified as part of the BSHAA/ Rogers wax management courses.

Our launch flyer can be downloaded here (download The WIRe for the complete range). Bionix earwash study notes can be found here. Read our Blog here.

 Wax Training

We have already had plenty of enquiries for wax management training. If you are interested in training at PC Werth, click here or call Mark Clare on 020 8772 2700


 Updates to The WIRe 

Our complete brochure – The WIRe – has stacks of new products in it – including our new Wax Management Products, FIM automatic industrial audiometer and completely new sections for Soundfield, PA systems and Comfort Audio Digisystem digital FM products.


 Even if you are not an Educational Audiolgist or Teacher of the Deaf, we think that it is all-round good practice for audiologists to know the options available to education.


Now with click to navigate feature

To make navigation easier, just clicking the relevant section logo in the contents page takes you where you need to go without endless scrolling. Return to the contents page by clicking the PC Werth logo on the coversheet at the start of each section.

Download The WIRe here 


Announcing The Etymotic Product Range from PC Werth

Jelly ER LogoAt PC Werth, we are seriously excited about being part of the Etymotic success story: we think there are few companies in the world who have such a clear vision of what they are trying to achieve – and of how the world in general will benefit with better overall hearing care and wellness.

All Etymotic products therefore meet a specific need, which makes them great on 2 accounts:

  • It is easy to communicate their benefits
  • All ER products are engineered from an audiology perspective, so the build and sound quality is superb

It is also true to say that the Etymotic range will not suit all audiology professionals and businesses: not everyone is comfortable working with a consumer style product – even one as carefully constructed as these are.

So our advice is to consider the relevance of these products to you:

  • Are you looking to engage with a wider spectrum of society – in particular, whole families and younger generations?
  • Do you have links to your local community, via any PR, outreach or education programme?
  • Do you see opportunity in being your local expert in sound and hearing?


And if you are really interested, you should know that due to high global demand, we have limited stock before Christmas- particularly for ETY-Kids, electronic shooting & noise protection products. After all, if there is one thing that a hearing aid wearer may well be inclined to buy for younger relatives this Christmas, it is a set of high quality earbuds that will not damage their hearing!
Down load pdfs of the Etymotic Etymotic headphones and Etymotic noise protection here.



Better Hearing the Swedish Way


Continuing the youth theme (see our Etymotic story), 7 Teachers of the Deaf visited Sweden with PC Werth and Comfort Audio last month to understand more about digital communication. During our 2 days together, we explored current developments in classroom communication and why the latest digital technology makes all the difference for kids learning with Hearing Impairments.

It was great to see that there remains a genuine interest in better technologies and solutions for education – despite the UK’s spending squeeze. It was also interesting to see the continued importance of T-coils – and that they seem to be an underutilized resource (both for kids and adults alike).


Comfort Audio is suitable for Hearing Aid users, CI & BAHA wearers, where it’s ease of use, digital clarity and range win it plaudits – a couple of quotes from Teachers of the Deaf follow:


“I was hugely impressed with the Comfort Audio Digisystem. The clarity of sound was excellent, and the speech enhancement technology demonstrated on the conference mics drew a “Wow!” from all of us I think”

“[the trip was a] rare opportunity to reflect, ask questions, trial equipment”

Our thanks to all those who took part. If you would be interested in future FM working trips or educational audiology news in general, email the team here.

You can find out more about Comfort Audio and Digital Soundfield solutions from FrontRow in the Hearing & Communications section of The WIRe or email



OTOPod & EasyTymp Sales Success and End of Year Offer


EasyTymp has been one of our strongest ever product introductions. Its simplicity of use, looks and value make it a real winner. So our thanks to customers and prospective customers alike for making this exceptional tympanometer such a success already. If you may be looking for a new tymp solution any time between now and March 2012, give the team a call (020 8772 2700) – our quotes are valid for a full 90 days.  


Meanwhile the OTOPod portable audiometer goes from strength to strength: now that we have integrated Symphony software with AuditBase, it is the darling of both private audiology and NHS audiology departments. We’re celebrating 100% sales growth in 2011with our OTOpod offer….




Find out more about EasyTymp here or click here for our OTOPod flyer, or contact the sales team.


*offer relates to 20% off STP and is valid for quotes and orders received by 20th December 2011. Standard T&C’s for quotes apply thereafter.




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FM system update
20% off OTOPod
“Elacin” noise filters
Quick Links

Elacin ER Noise Plugs 

From time to time we get asked to make “Elacin noise filters.”

We can and we do

Except that there is no such thing. The new PC Werth relationship with Etymotic  notwithstanding, Elacin is a European distributor for ER noise filters, Just as ACS is (PC Werth produces filters under licence from ACS). 

The difference is that PC Werth manufactures in London in 4 days. Elacin manufacture abroad and don’t take 4 days…

For more information, there is a blog post here.


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