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A New Financial Year and AQP
The recent spate of conferences and announcements shows AQP is still (unsurprisingly) the big issue. What with this and ongoing pressure to manage budgets, our Audiology Team is increasingly working with customers who take – broadly speaking – 2 approaches:
  • AQP is an opportunity to review my processes and services – and potentially increase the value I offer.
  • Whatever else I do, I have got to make considerable savings.

In either case, PC Werth can be part of your solution: with our broad skills, variety of supply partners and full range of instruments and accessories, we can work with you to create your ideal integrated supply and service package. 

Click here to contact the team and read on for more news. 


Tom Parker 

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Software for Audiology Software as a stand-alone diagnostic tool is beginning to gain gusto in a big way; just last weekend BSHAA staged its very own training day. As such, PC Werth is carving out a niche as a leading supplier in this field with 4 great software-based solutions. 

  • QuickSIN– QuickSIN is the leading solution for testing speech in noise proficiency and is the most widely used system of its type. Developed by Dr. Mead Killion’s team at Etymotic Research, the software is a very reasonable one-time investment that has many followers.
  • BKBSIN– BKBSIN is for more complex cases, cochlear implant users and paediatrics. It is also a one-time purchase and should be considered for any battery of tests.
  • ANL– The Acceptable Noise Level test from Frye is possibly the most essential test of the lot – at just £35 or so, this test gives an 85% accurate prediction (their figures) of hearing aid success. The potential is better patient expectation management and awareness from a simple 3 minute test that also supports professional credentials
  • LACE – not strictly diagnostic, but definitely software, LACE is the way to bring the benefits of structured rehabilitation to more patients, to their benefit and yours.

PC Werth has already established a number of LACE centres around the UK and is looking for more. The LACE UK website for consumers is here. To see what all the fuss is about and join the LACE UK revolution, click here.  

Finally, in one of his few trips to the UK, Dr. Mead Killion is presenting at BSHAA conference this year. 


Introducing Deskmate – son of “Totable” As the team who brought the concept of Soundfield to schools, colleges and meeting rooms around the UK, we knew that Deskmate was something special from the moment we saw it. Since the Totable went out of production some 10 years ago our customers have regularly asked us for its snazzy replacement…and so, at long last, here it is! 

Handy Deskmate

Versatile, effective and affordable at less than £300, customers are already using Deskmate both professionally and outside work for playing music, voice projection and smaller public speaking appointment jobs. 

Find out more about Deskmate on the webshop. 


It’s Budget Day and we got the impression you’d like to SAVE £100!
  (Were we right?)  

Hot on the heels of our BEST impression syringe in last month’s email, we have another offer for any impression material from Dreve: 

Order over £50 of any impression material & chose either: 

– £100 off your next instrument purchase – 


– £30 off instrument calibration from PC Werth – 

Just order online quoting “otoform offer” in the comments box, or quote “otoform offer” over the phone. 


 All items are available to buy online at 


Impressioning offer closes 30/04/2012, Min order value – £50 of any Dreve/Otoform impressioning material, Min instrument value for discount £1000, Limited to 1 calibration or instrument discount per account 

In This Issue
New Software pages
Deskmate – the new “Totable”
Save £100 with Dreve Impressioning materials
Featured Article
Unique push to talk FM solution

Last Chance Instrument Deals
£200 Webshop voucher
£200 Webstore orders with OTOpod orders
Order an OTOpod before 31/03/12 and receive £200 vouchers to buy anything  from pcwerthstore. Make sure you  mention this offer.


Beat EasyTymp Price Rises 

Inflation squeezes us all. You can beat April’s price rise for EasyTymp by ordering or asking for a quotation before 31st March. Quote this newsletter and we will also extend 

the warranty to 24 months. 



Terms & Conditions
The latest version of the WIRe can be downloaded here, with our latest products and instruments. The introduction also includes our revised Terms & Conditions, effective from 1st April 2012. 

New Push to Talk FM Solution 

If it wasn’t enough that Comfort Audio digital FM outperforms non-digital technologies, we now have stock of their NEW push to talk microphone.  


The DM30 is designed for conference and group work with its unique push to talk facility. The simple push on/off button makes a massive difference to effective group and conference work, where hearing impaired speakers can find it hard to pick up conversation cues that most people take for granted. Interruptions and truncated conversations can be a frustrating consequence. 

The DM30 neatly gets around this with a bright “talk now” LED indicator that shows when the airwaves are clear and teacher/presenter override which allows one talker at a time, with suitable control. 

Find out more about the DM30 by contacting the sales team
 for a demonstration, or education professionals can find out details of our study trip in Sweden here

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