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The Minister for Education and His Mother…  

Apparently, the Government may drop acoustic standards in schools to facilitate renovation and the Free Schools project (TES – 25th February). This way, so the theory goes, red tape is thrown away and non-specialist buildings are more easily made available for teaching little Jimmy (or even Big Jimmy). 

Believe me: I’m no fan of red tape and I appreciate an underlying pragmatism here. However, the truth is that BB93 (the regulation in question, where PC Werth had significant input), helps specify how to bring a suite of rooms up to educational standards for the 21st Century. 

And in the case of hearing, listening and acoustics, it is a clear concept that to learn, you need to understand. And understanding is generally prevalent on being able to hear the content. So rather than being a barrier to learning, BB93 is actually a recipe for better results. 

Alternatively of course, the government knows something we don’t – after all, Michael Gove’s mother is a teacher, so I believe. 

So I suppose it’s just possible there is a secret plot to stuff every school with soundfield systems to compensate for even the most dreadful acoustics or the noise from the motorway flyover outside and the slaughterhouse on the floor below.   

I wish. And even if it did come true, Soundfield and FM systems can only transform attainment in class as part of a calorie controlled acoustic diet, as they say. 

So yes PC Werth can help listening and learning in good buildings and bad.  And yes, there could be a kernel of sense in the TES article, but just at the moment – as in so many other areas – it seems like the Government needs to listen. 

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LACE UK Edition
LACE UK Edition

LACE UK Edition Webpage  

In our last newsletter, we announced our partnership with Neurotone to create a UK Edition of LACE, the virtual auditory training system. 

Shortly afterwards, Tony Rainer presented a first-class session at the AIHHP Spring Education Meeting on LACE and the project that PC Werth has initiated to bring LACE to the UK. 

If you were there or weren’t, or if you read the email or you didn’t, there is now plenty more information on LACE on our website – including a video of Professor Sweetow (co-creator of LACE) himself, explaining his work.  

And for those of you waiting for the UK version, I can tell you that recording many many hours of American English content into the Queen’s version is now underway, with a variety of voice talents. After that we move on to completing all of the other software changes and completing the coding. 

For more information on LACE or opportunities with it, contact Stewart Howell or call the office on 020 8772 2700 

The Blog at tells you more 


Otovation Audiometers
Otovation Audiometers

OtoPod, the Bagel Sized Wonder-audiometer:  now AuditBase and Practice Navigator Ready 


Our fantastic Otopod and Amplitude series of audiometers from Otovation are now AuditBase & Practice Navigator compatible. 

The winning feature of these products is that they are so small and light. Using the very capable Symphony software suite, they are perfect for peripatetic or domiciliary work. They are also suitable for use in clinic, with outputs of up to 115dB. 

We call the OtoPod “bagel-sized” to demonstrate that it is the smallest, lightest and most appealing device of its type. In fact, with the latest releases of Symphony, OtoPod and Amplitude are now superb for NHS users and private users alike, as both are compatible with AuditBase and Practice Navigator. 

If you haven’t tried these instruments, for a combination of Performance, Portability and Price, they are unmatched. 

For more information on Otovation products, or the latest software, see our website pages or contact the team for a demonstration. 


Aiming Higher with PC Werth 


Steve Scott is possibly not a name you recognize today – but you will. Steve is the UK’s number one trap shooter, current Commonwealth Gold medalist and is gunning for big things in 2012. 

A few short weeks ago, Steve contacted us to arrange noise protection for him at pretty short notice before his a training camp in Kuwait. 

Since we specialize in fantastic fit and fast turnaround when it comes to custom noise protection, I hope you can guess the result. Find out more and see the pictures here

The Blog at tells you more 


And with that, enjoy the beginnings of Spring, 



Tom Parker


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