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Can 3 words say it all?
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Trusted ———————– Valuable ———————– Helpful

Here at PC Werth, we have so many irons in the fire and other firey metaphors going on, that taking stock from time to time can be helpful.

So Mark Ritson’s recent article is a great reminder to keep it real: “if you can’t define your brand in 3 words, give up the day job and try writing that novel instead”.   I couldn’t keep this up for a whole book, so here are PC Werth’s 3 words:    

Trusted, Valuable, Helpful.

To find out why, click here

To be honest, I considered “human” instead of “helpful”, but that’s obvious (office hairstyles aside). And anyway, do we live up to our words or should I be eating them?

Well, at BSHAA we brought more of the team to the show than ever . We also had 3 new products, and our partners at Sarabec on stand for 2 days of talking, asking and meeting. And at BSA PAIG, we met nearly all delegates face to face with our paediatric range.

PC Werth at PAIG


This personal contact is the true value of exhibitions: how else can you know and trust your suppliers? Only this way can we be truly valuable and create solutions that work for you.  

It makes for a more valuable show too (and that’s before CPD, speeches, learning, networking….).  So if you didn’t go to BSHAA, make sure you come and see us next time – we’re very human.

    If you want to comment or exchange your views, contact  me at And with that, enjoy the rest of Wimbledon.


Tom Parker

PC Werth Ltd



The Return of the Registered Hearing Instrument Supply Form!

Like the Prodigal Son, an enduring favourite at PC Werth has returned. 

The deliciously old-school Hearing Instrument Supply Form is essential for record keeping, so we now have a redesigned form to comply with the new HPC world of dispensing we live in.

Available in pads of 50 self-carbonating sheets in triplicate they are worth their value in saved pen ink alone.

Order under the code 063 A, the form is listed on the new pricelist on the professional pages and will go into the WIRe at the next update.

I’m sure Mark and DJ on the phones will do something nice for the first order taken.



Better Hearing Aids, Better Verification


Our man Leon Cox was at the Unitron Quantum launch with a load of goodies including impressioning materials, ALDs and an Audioscan Verifit in tow.

Like other top brands, Unitron test, verify and demonstrate hearing aid performance with Audioscan equipment. Respected as maker of the very best fitting systems, the Axiom is specifically designed to bring this dispensing edge to smaller clinics and private dispensers.

Axiom’s secret is to combine Audioscan’s high performance testing with a new interface to standard monitors. This means Axiom delivers speech mapping, hearing aid verification and testing at a new lower price.

And because Axiom does not use a PC, reliability and upgrade issues can be forgotten. This makes it an even more powerful tool for: 

  • Counselling with more con­fidence
  • Faster patient understanding of ­fitting goals
  • Lower return visits and returns for credit
  • Instilling trust through objective measures
  • Enhancing the value of your services

A greater emphasis on verification, especially through a speech based stimulus, coupled with an increased need to stand out means that Axiom is the ideal addition to any dispensers’ artillery in today’s market.

We are currently updaing our spec sheet on Axiom. To receive one, please click here and we will send you one over asap.


PRO-27 biker
PRO 27 – Noise Protection for Bikers


New Extreme Custom Noise Protection


Our partnership with world-leading noise filter producers, ACS combines the most advanced noise attenuation technology with our ability to produce the best in both laser-moulded and hand-crafted moulds.

ACS have changed the name of the HF Series to the PRO series and have an exciting new product – the PRO-27, especially for seriously loud environments.  

PRO-27 provides the highest level of protection in the PRO range, making it perfect for users like motorcyclists

The new name and PRO-27 are both included in the updated earmoulds and noise filter section of the WIRe, which can be downloaded in the normal way (low res at or high resolution or by individual section at the professional pages).

Call 020 8772 2700 to speak to the hearing sales team or email the sales team for more information.


maico easytymp

Easier, Faster Middle Ear Screening with EasyTymp

Some products are just born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth and EasyTymp’s name says it all: smart design and easy to use with great provenance, a decent specification and even attractive pricing.

Our pitch is that EasyTymp is the modern interpretation of the venerable KT-10/MT-10 from Kamplex/ Interacoustics. As such, we’ve managed to price it comparably too.

EasyTymp is of course a much more advanced product: for a start, its design is from Dyson’s era – not Disreali’s – and it has optional high frequency tones and printer (which you can be bought later). Best of all, is totally portable, weighs just 400g or so, and can complete tests in just 3 seconds. You also don’t need a PC which greatly simplifies things.

Word is spreading fast so, if you are in the market or just curious, book your demonstration from one of the team.




It’s been too long since we ran a questionnaire. Please click the link below to complete our short questionnaire and you could win:



A Digital Video Otoscope – standard resolution VO & footswitch worth £249.


10 Runners-up prizes 

£10 off vouchers to spend at PC Werth. No minimum spend or anything daft – just call in and place your order.

Simply click Questionnaire below, complete the survey and you will be entered into our draw.


In This Issue
Hearing Instrument Supply Forms
Shouldn’t you be verifying?
Noise protection for motorcyclists
The new EasyTymp
Win a new VO
WIRe updates
Software updates
Did you win?
Quick Links
MAICO warranty and calibration offer – FINAL DAYS.
Valid for orders placed by the end of June, there are a few days left to benefit from our MAICO offer, so if you are thinking about new instruments, call us to find out more.
Why PC Werth is the British
  Tinnitus Association’s 
First Corporate Member


WIRe Updates

Click the links below for the latest version of the WIRe and updated sections:  
  1. High resolution WIRe, individual sections, new prices and the change record  
  2. Low resolution WIRe
Updates include:
EasyTymp tympanometer
OtoPod audiometer
PRO-27 noise filter
Document versions can be verified at the bottom left corner of each page of The WIRe.


Next Exhibitions
 Audiologogy Symposium

30 June

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital


 Other News Items 
Did you receive your Updated Paediatric Section?  

You should have recently received details of our Paediatric range and offers, with further details of the MAICO EasyTymp and enhanced on their leasing options – allowing you to save money.

Contact sales for reprints.


LACE – UK Edition

We completed our first LACE Training session for Certified LACE Training Centres this month. More news to follow next month.




FM for Education/CI/ BAHA

If you are (or know) an educational audiologist or teacher of the deaf, then you need to know about the Comfort Audio DT10.

Ear level FM has never been so good! Now available, we are now demonstrating the difference this digital receiver can make for CI, BAHA and hearing aid users.  

More news soon.


Software & Technical Updates


Symhony V1.3.1 for Otovation


The latest version of Symphony software is available at our new secure ftp site for download. This update should be installed for all Otopod and Amplitude audiometers.

Download the file symphony CD17 at:





Mr Sid Sidhu of Regional Hearing Services

A DoroPhoneEasy 410gsm easy mobile phone

with clear sound is on its way to you!!


 Ms Helen Hollywell of Monmouthshire Hearing Centre

Mr Glen Houston of H.G. Houston

Ms Michelle McCreesh of McCreesh HC

Mrs Vicki Skeels of The Hearing Care Centre

To claim your £100 PC Werth Voucher (valid for 3 months). 

Please quote BSHAA-0511713 when placing your next order.



 Gina Villanova

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