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To improve customer service sometimes you have to kill…..

Supermarket shopping is rarely one of life’s joys. Especially so when engaging with automatic checkouts.

The promise of shorter, faster queues is enticing. However, when waiting under a flashing red light “unexpected item in bagging area” for someone to unlock the check-bot, the attraction wears off in…about 15 seconds from experience.

So for “better service” read the same queues, delays and shortage of bags of old. And if you’re lucky enough to suitably enrage the machine by using your own bag (taking it off again is akin to a major felony) you are soon stuck in a loop – without anyone to turn to.

With this in mind, we took the opportunity to kill our automated telephone handler last month, when Lisa returning from maternity.

The result is that we can handle four times as many calls – so you get through to us better than before. And you get through to a real person – who is helpful. And we are open longer too (08:30 – to 17:30, since you ask).

Admittedly, shopping online may be a different matter, although it still seems that a key frustration can be finding who to turn to when the site does not get it right. Anyway, more on that one in future.

And on that cliffhanger, enjoy the rest of July.


Tom Parker

PC Werth Ltd

If you want to comment or exchange your views, contact  me at


New Product #1: Digital Radio, Digital TV & Now Digital FM!

Comfort Digisystem with DT-10
The new DT-10 is here (it’s the little one at the front)


The fantastic Comfort Audio Digisystem range of “Digital FM” products is now complete – the DT-10 ear-level receiver is now available.

We use the term “digital FM” to communicate what it is, but the reality is that Digisystem is not FM at all.

It uses an all-digital transmission system that means it has a longer range,better sound quality and fewer drop-outs than traditional systems. And there is no interference.

Until now, DigiSystem has relied on neckloop transmission to T-Coil. Even in this format, it is widely preferred to other “FM” solutions – even direct input ones. Now that the DT-10 DAI solution is available, the performance is better still.

DT-10 is compatible with hearing aids, BAHA and Cochlear Implants.

In fact, the Judges at AAA were so impressed that Comfort Audio won the coveted “best newcomer” award. Call the sales office for more information or email



New Product #2: FIM Screening Audiometer

The FIM Automatic Audiometer


Once upon a time there was a very well regarded instrument called the Kamplex BA25 – designed for industrial screening and audiometry.

Time marches on and the same Kamplex team now bring you the FIM ADL20 Occupational Health Screener.

FIM’s core advantages are that it is so portable and easy to use – it is fully automatic, PC based and includes HSE referral categorisations making it the perfect solution for medical and non-medical staff.

For more information or a spec sheet, contact



Thought for the Day


Dispatch notes are never the most interesting things, but are essential nonetheless to make sure your order is correct.

To help entice you to read them more, there is now a thought for the day on each DN. Individually vetted by the dispatch team, some of them are even quite illuminating – yesterday you will have learned that a shrimp’s heart is located in its head.

Of interest or not, this sort of thing may prove invaluable to know one day!

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