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Shopping online is a business and lifestyle essential. And like most things online, there is more to it than meets the eye: we’ve all got our online saints and demons.

Which is why PCWerthstore has been created to be that little bit different and easier to use, to make it better for you. We’ve had a load of very positive comments – there are a couple (including the most tongue in cheek) on the blog.

To find out for yourself whether or not shopping online with us is enjoyable or excruciating, click here – just make sure you let me know your views.

Alternatively, just relax and explore (try searching for Etymotic Electronic Noise protection), safe in the knowledge that our introductory offer will save you a bundle.

With best wishes for a very successful, dynamic and resolution fulfilling 2012.  


Tom Parker

If you want to comment or exchange your views, contact me directly at



2 Ways to Beat Inflation 

Holding back pricing pressure from around the world is a constant battle, so here are 2 tips for 2012:

1 – If you are thinking tympanometry, talk to us about EasyTymp.

Portable, effective and great value, we have managed to hold pricing for one more production run, which means we can hold prices until 31 March. Orders before then will also benefit from a small package of value adds to reduce through life costs too.

2 – Register at PCWerthstore

no type technologyPCWerthstore factors in the same quantity breaks we offer over the phone and also gives you free P&P. Order well and you could save considerably. And if you feel like being a carpetbagger, there is a generous introductory offer on too.

Come to think of it there is a set of the exceptional Ety-Kids 5 noise limiting and noise isolating earphones from Etymotic Reseach for the person who can tell us what carpetbagging actually means and why. Email




Improving patient ownership and engagement in their treatment is an established route to improved outcomes in many clinical fields.

This is why LACE’s standardized audio rehab program excites so many audiologists. LACE helps patients engage with, and enhance, their listening abilities, as well as helping them visualise their progress.

The NHS is interested too – where we are assisting with a trial in Scotland. We will share what we can in due course, but it is evident that patient engagement in the process is key. Experience from the US suggests a simple patient commitment form makes a big difference.

Having been exclusive to AIHHP members, LACE will shortly be available to a wider market. Email us if you are interested in LACE, or are already a LACE centre, but do not have the commitment form.

QuickSINIn addition to LACE, you can now order the QuickSIN speech in noise test (QuickSIN is an important evaluative tool used in LACE) and also the ANL test from us (ANL is an audiometric test that predicts whether or not a person will be a successful hearing aid user by finding out how well they tolerate noise in speech signals).

Both new tests are available at pcwerthstore.

In addition to the tests above, look out for BKB-SIN, which will be available shortly. This speech in noise test uses easier sentences than QuickSin and is designed for use with Cochlear Implant users as well as adults and kids.



 Calibration: Never Just a Paper Exercise

Audiologist’s reputations and businesses depend on instrument reliability and accuracy. As a consequence, we recognise that quality calibration is essential and that dependability in this area can never be a commodity.


As the UK’s only Otovation calibrating laboratory, it is surprising how many OTOpods and Amplitudes arrive that have apparently been calibrated elsewhere. Not only have these instruments not been calibrated, it is worrying they may be sold as such: in reality, such instruments have had their output checked and nothing more.

We also consistently receive units  for repair or replacement parts – often minor stuff – between calibration. So it is worth remembering that calibration by PC Werth is never just a paper exercise and is designed to prepare your instrument for another 12 months’ use, this means with trusted ISO quality calibrated accuracy and minimum downtime. 

  • Our calibrations include functionality & health checks
  • Our customers receive personal update and advice if the laboratory spots anything untoward
  • Before issuing a certificate, in-house calibrations also test all consumables and accessories
  • Workmanship comes with a 6 month warranty

Calibration and repairs by PC Werth laboratories can be organised in 2 ways:

  1. Contact us for details of our mobile calibration service (there is a small min qty of calibrations)
  2. Book in house calibration using our new interactive form here.

Prebook Your Calibration and Save

Save 10% just by prebooking at least 6 months in advance. Once booked, we take care of the rest, including reminding when to send your unit in.


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Order before 31 March 2012 and receive £200 of vouchers for use on pcwerthstore 

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We have great offers on selected MAICO instruments up until 31 March 2012.

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