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On Love & Trampolines…..

I sincerely hope your weekend and Monday d’amour was more cuddlesome than say, disentangling a trampoline from an apple tree after the winds of 10 days ago. (Think ‘It’s a Knockout’ without the TV crew…).

Taking a post-Knockout breather, I found an excellent article in the paper that was clearly lifted from the Economist, thus  bringing the content to a new readership.

And as PC Werth deals in distribution, it should come as no surprise that I endorse creating value thorough bringing something exceptional to new audiences. Which brings me on to the Comfort Audio Digisystem.

Effective, pretty and suitable for most people, it is highly satisfying to bring this superb range of products to a new audience in the UK.

If you want to know more, we will be demonstrating Comfort Audio alongside the fantastic LACE   auditory training system at this week’s AIHHP Educational Meeting. Or just give us a call to find out more.


Comfort Audio Digisystem

Comfort Audio Digisystem – be one of the limited number of UK stockists to offer this Super Premium Hearing System.

It is a demographic fact that number of people who find it difficult to hear is increasing. It is also assumed that more of them will be socially and commercially active for longer. And yet the solutions range from fairly limited “ALD” systems to the latest hearing aids, with little in between.

So if you are looking to provide better care, choice or alternative hearing solutions, you should know that PC Werth distributes Comfort Audio Digisystem in the UK & Eire.

Much, much more than just an “ALD”, Digisystem is different and remarkably effective for:

  • Brilliant solutions for hearing aid users and ante-users alike.
  • Superb results with cochlear implants
  • Designed for education: compatibility with FM and soundfield systems
  • Unique all-digital transmission system (remember when phones went digital?).
  • Superb design and looks that could completely beat stigma.
  • Endlessly adaptable – a wide range of products make Digisystem suitable for home, office, conference, multimedia, landline etc….

Digisystem will suit users looking for the most comprehensive and professional approach to hearing care. And with only a selected number of outlets planned for the UK, Digisystem adds depth and strength to quality hearing care providers.

If you want to to find out more about Digisystem or opportunities for your business, contact Stewart Howell or Tom Parker either by phone via 020 8772 2700 or at the AIHHP Educational Meeting.  

The Blog on our website tells you more. 


LACE - Listening & Communication Enhancement

LACEVirtual Auditory Training In the Queen’s English

The advantages of auditory training are well established. However, proper training used to involve unmonitored exercises at home flanked by frequent face to face appointments.

Disregarding the time and hassle for patient and professional, this uncontrolled approach could undermine the benefits of training, leading to a disappointing end result for user and hearing healthcare professional alike.

LACE could change this situation forever. Conceived by Professor Robert Sweetow, its pedigree is impeccable. With LACE, patients complete a program of simple, auditory training exercises at home in their own time. Importantly, progress and performance can be monitored by the professional to arrange and inform the appropriate intervention.

In this way, users work to understand and unambiguously perceive the value of their aided hearing abilities, whilst professionals can administer exceptionally high levels of monitoring, care and follow up service.

Many leading audiologists in the UK have been aware of LACE and the benefits it could offer. Unfortunately, until now, LACE has only been available in US English. Excited by the potential imrovement in patient outcomes, at PC Werth we have joined forces with Neurotone, LACE’s developers, to develop a specific UK English version.

For more information on LACE, LACE accreditation or the UK English version, Tony Rainer will be presenting at AIHHP on 19th February or email us to book training.    


PC Werth & MAICO

Leasing Solutions from PC Werth

Investing to meet the increasing services and coverage expectations of audiology is never easy.

For this reason, PC Werth can now offer professional finance and leasing solutions for capital equipment purchases (and potentially, even sale and leaseback schemes to release capital for investment).

Whether you are a private or state institution, you may find that our leasing solutions turn out to be cheaper and a more effective use of valuable cashflow than traditional methods of borrowing, loans or even “save and spend”.

Terms are flexible, include a wide range of PC Werth-only care and service benefits and start at the remarkably low capital value of just £1000, making this an ideal start up proposition.

For more information contact Stewart Howell.  

The Blog at tells you more 



And with that, enjoy the rest of February,



Tom Parker
PC Werth Ltd


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