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It has been only a couple of months since the re-launch of a well-recognised Kamplex range at the BAA last November, and some of the products have already turned out to be one of the main choices among the UK’s ENT and audiology professionals. Especially the Kamplex Tablet Audiometer, which comes either in screening or diagnostic format, has proven to be indispensable to every audiologist. Not only it is portable but also, due to its exquisite design, has become almost as much irresistible as having the latest version of high-end market tablets! Such high performance is possible mainly due to the fact, that PC Werth has always been dedicated to top notch solutions maintain by almost century-long tradition and earned customers’ trust. The Kamplex range embodies what has always been distinctive about the company – tradition, functionality and elegance, which, in audiology world, is an equivalent for a bowler, bow and cigar.


Combined Audiometer and Tympanometer provides compact yet portable solutions


The forefront technology solutions and simple yet stylish design bear fruit in an equally sought-after the Kamplex Diagnostic Tympanometer, r26m, which is perfectly suited both for clinical or domiciliary services. The r26m is a member of a bigger family of the latest generation of screening, diagnostic or clinical audiometers, tympanometers and audio-tymps. This combined audiometer and tympanometer unit, which comes in clinical and diagnostic format, has been engineered to respond audiologists’ needs in providing compact yet portable solutions.

The Kampex range also boasts of: quick sound check meters, hand-held free field audiometers, occupational health audiometers, VRA systems, and PC Audiometer & REM System (AudioFit).

It is worth mentioning that the Kamplex range of r20s and r30s audiometers, tympanometers and audio-tymps come with 3-year warranty which can be upgraded to 5 years at very reasonable costs.

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