All-New PC Werth at BSA 2016

Transforming Knowledge to Sound Practice

PC Werth is pleased to be attending the BSA conference which will take place on 25th-27th April 2016 at the Rincon Area in Coventry.

The conference title speaks for itself: Transforming Knowledge to Sound Practice. Given all the changes the company has gone through in the last couple of months, we are well aware of the importance of transformation and experience in sound practice. We can almost paraphrase the conference’s theme into Transforming Experience into Sound Practice! After all, at PC Werth we are well-familiar with transformation and sound!

With that new vision, we will be pleased to present a couple of new products which are indispensable to hearing care professionals. Just visit our Stands 15 and 16 and learn about our new hearing solutions. That’s what transforming knowledge into sound practice is after all!

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Visit PC Werth Stand Number 15/16

If you remember our popular Kamplex tablet tympanometer – r17a, you will be pleased to hear that we have launched another two Kamplex tablets. The all-new r16m tympanometer and r15c combined audiometer and tympanometer share the same exquisite design, touch-screen interface and portability of the popular Kamplex r17a. Suffice to say, all Kamplex tablets come in either screening or diagnostic formats and fit nicely in a briefcase or even a purse! It is all you need when you are on the go.

Another introduction is Kamplex r07a screening audiometer which replaces previous Kamplex screening greats, incl. the AS7 and KS8. The new r07a portable screening audiometer is simplicity itself. Battery powered, equipped with DD45 headset and patient button, this unit is ideal for pure tone audiometry whether in a clinic or working in the field, where the test memory is a real bonus.

When it comes to verification, there are no greater than Verifit2 from Audioscan and Primus Fitting Systems. Verifit2 is quite simple yet the leading verification system when it comes to paediatrics (with RECD fitting), accuracy and performance. Primus Fitting System offers all the functions required to perform both audiometry and verification – when you do not have an extra testing room, it is definitively your must have. Both fitting systems are portable and flexible with the backing of the team behind audit base.

Verifit2 - 1

Fresh Look at the Hearing Aids

For those not familiar with Kamplex hearing aids, visiting Stands 15 and 16 it is the perfect opportunity to arrange trials. Kamplex is back with instant fit BTE and ITE hearing aids on contract and available to NHS via NHSSC. The highly popular Kamplex KITE instant-fit ITE is perfect for the first-time users and all those who like discretion. This tiny ITE hearing aid is recommended for mild to moderate hearing loss. KITE is an ITE that can be prescribed and fitted quickly on the same day without the hassle of taking impressions.

Kamplex K200D BTE comes with a classic ear hook or slim tube for high frequency losses and is suitable for mild to severe audiograms. Available in four colours, K200D features a good sized volume control to help patients with poor dexterity. Both units are quick to fit with the all-new K-Fit software that was created just for the NHS (link to the store)

And as if it were not enough, we will be launching new BTE hearing aids shortly – more details available on the PC Werth Stands 15 and 16.



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