New PERFECTfit Partner Helps Oil and Gas Workers in Aberdeen

PERFECTfit welcomes our latest PERFECTfit partner North of the Border – Bryce Hearing Services in Aberdeen

Bryce Hearing Services
Bryce Hearing Services in Aberdeen for PERFECTfit

Noise protection is vital for workers in the oil and gas industry, which is why Jayne and her team are so keen to work with the best in the business. Perhaps more surprisingly, the same customers also value earphone sleeves and sleep plugs, since it can be difficult to escape for a few moments when you live and work in this demanding environment.PERFECTfit SoftNight sleep plugs are an obvious solution to better sleep on a rig or whilst traveling out, and our MusicClear earphone sleeves are really good at helping you hear your music properly. When used with a phone or radio, they also have a secondary benefit – you can hear what is being said to you!Jayne and the team at Bryce Hearing bring our coverage in Scotland to 6 locations and counting – including in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Buckie.

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