New Earigator and Other Fantastic Cerumen Management Additions to the PC Werth Webstore

Cerumen management is one of the most popular practices performed by hearing care professionals and audiologists. Although the procedures might seem pretty straightforward, if you are carrying these day in day out, little improvements make a huge difference. This is the reason why PC Werth have been regularly extending their portfolio of wax removal products and introduced new improved solutions to the hearing care market.


New Fantastic addition to Cerumen Management family from Earigator

The New Fabulous Combined Irrigator is one of the great additions to the PC Werth webstore for audiologists. Designed especially by an ENT practitioner, the Earigator meets audiologists and their patients’ needs.


irrigation combined unitLED light on irrigatorEarigator with LEDcombined irrigation unit


The latest Irrigation unit from Earigator not only combines otoscope and irrigation unit in one, to provide better and more accurate cerumen management practice. The biggest asset of the new Earigator is that with fully automated temperature and pressure controls, the irrigator reduces the risk of caloric response. The pressure control is kept at a steady 12 PSI for the safe wax removal as higher PSI might cause a rupture in the eardrum. Having those focal features automated means that an audiologist can be fully focused on their patients and the removal procedure.


Once you have started preparation for the day, all you have to do is to fill the container with tap water and switch the Earigator on. It takes less than 5 min to reach body temperature, not only in the reservoir but also in the tubes so you can start removing the wax straight away.


This user-friendly unit is big enough to keep your practice running through the day as the capacity of the container is 4 litres. And when the day comes to its end, all you need to do is to empty the rest of the reservoir and fill it with a peroxide solution – keeping your irrigator clean never has been so simple!


Christmas Offer 2016

Purchase one of our Earigators by 15th December 2016 to get 10% discount

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Offer ends 15th December 2016.



To learn more about the product visit our webstore, call us on 020 8772 2700 or send us an email


New Cerumen Management Solutions from PC Werth


PC Werth are pleased to introduced new, cost-effective cerumen management additions. Whether you are looking for manual removal, irrigation or microsuction tools, visit PCWerth’s online webstore.

Manual removal is easily facilitated with curettes. Bionix offer a colourful range of disposable curettes with a variety of tips or a lighted range offering improved illumination for greater accuracy. Improved access and vision are provided by Tumarkin and Gruber disposable speculae, whilst illuminated by the ultra-light Opticlar skull-loupes.

Our new Earigator safely removes the most stubborn wax whilst ear basins and capes help to keep this technique clean. Our sprays and lubricants help your patients to self-manage their ears pre or post treatment.

PC Werth provide a range of highly portable pumps (check the new Vacu-Aide® pump!) to facilitate microsuction in a domiciliary care environment. Neozoline and Zollner tubes and tips with or without vents help tailor our solution to your clinical preference. For the complete range of tools visit


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