New Better Looking Irrigator from PC Werth

At PC Werth we can do stop improving things and incessantly are looking for new solutions to fulfil our commitment to hearing professionals in delivering better products. And although functionality is the must, we also believe that a nice design just makes a difference.

That is why in compliance with our promise we have introduced a new irrigator – Propulse G5. The new Propulse G5 irrigator system, which is a better looking face of the popular NG system, not only is very useful, but also looks so much better! In addition to a nice silhouette, it also has useful features such as: digital timer, control system and footswitch for hands-free operation, allowing the healthcare professional to maintain full control of the irrigation procedure.

In case you wish to replace your old irrigator, but being attached to the old case like to an old glove, we have got great news! The new Propulse G5 irrigator is compatible with the old carry case so you won’t feel any difference carrying it with you.

And all that is wrapped up in a fabulous packaging!

If you want you learn more on the product please visit our webstore.

old irrigator
Propulse_G5__14086_std new
new better looking irrigator

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