New Acoustic Booths from Kamplex – Quick Assembly, Great Performance

The Kamplex family gets bigger with a new range of sound-proof booths. Kamplex booths can be specified to your choice of size (incl. slim line versions), accessory pack or isolation level.

All models include a large reversible door giving you freedom to choose right or left opening, a 10-socket jack panel with USB and a window to create a bright feel inside.

Kamplex booths are available in screening and diagnostic versions and take only half an hour to assemble without prior experience!

Stewart Howell, head of sales, says: “With the addition to the Kamplex range of acoustic sound booths, PC Werth/IntriCon has strengthened its extensive range of audiometric products to provide even more solutions to hearing care professionals!”

The booths are suitable for use in all clinical and occupational health settings and are particularly effective where space is at premium.

To check more options on booths and other Kamplex instruments visit our webstore




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