Need a Good Night’s Rest? Here’s How:

Sleep Well nowSo many of us underestimate the value of a good night’s rest. We go through phases where we don’t sleep well and it becomes our norm. Eventually, we do experience a good night’s rest and wonder how we ever slept any other way! Changing small habits like cutting out caffeine later in the day, increasing exercise, turning off computers, tablets and mobiles at least half an hour before bedtime (to decrease mental stimulation) and including ear plugs as part of your sleeping routine, can make a huge difference.

Many people are fearful of sleeping with ear plugs in case they can’t hear their alarm clock in the morning. Yet ear plugs don’t block out all noises entirely – just as you ordinarily hear noise at night without earplugs, custom fitted plugs reduce noise to an acceptable level. This means it very easy to sleep with ear plugs in and still be aware of sound if you need to hear one’s alarm clock loud and clearly in the morning.

SoftnightThe difference between a great night’s rest, and a poor one, makes a huge impact in our daily living. Having longer concentration periods, a deeper focus, more energy and calmer moods can all be attributed to a good night’s rest. Using ear plugs during sleeping hours to cut out the sounds of a partner snoring, neighbourhood pets barking and crying, and the sound of car or home alarms will allow for a far better night’s rest.

Sleep wellSo the lesson is clear – custom fit sleep plugs can help you sleep and perform better – without being late for work! SoftNight ear plugs from PERFECTfit use extra-soft “Powersil” silicone so that they are effective and comfortable, because they flex with any movement of the ear on the pillow, while keeping out noise. SoftNight earplugs are easily cleaned, fully hygienic and have a 1 year guarantee.

Never worry about another restless night’s sleep thanks to SoftNight.

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