MusicClear Earphone Sleeves – Makes any Earphone Perfect for Sport

What a weekend of UK sport – the Tour de France departed in Yorkshire and Wimbledon was a massive success for the UK – if not for UK tennis players this year. Thankfully the British Grand Prix was won by Lewis Hamilton, so we can blog on – sports earphones: here we come.

Watching sport and listening to commentary is easier with custom sleeves
Watching sport and listening to commentary is easier with custom sleeves

Trying to watch the GP (or the Tour) and listen to the tennis simultaneously brought home one of the lesser known benefits of custom made earphone sleeves – for sports viewers at least (we’ll come on to the sportsplayer in a moment). The crux of the matter is that if you are trying to absorb 2 sporting events at once, the preferred way is usually some sort of personal sound thingy (a radio or phone) and a bigger thing in front (the TV – or if you are lucky – the live event).

The problem is that to understand the finer points of Tim Henman’s commentary, you need to be able to hear the sound whispering in your ear pretty clearly. Distractions and other sound entering that same ear will not do at all. Which is why a standard earbud is no good unelss you are prepared to crank the volume up and do your ears a nasty.The smart answer is an earphone sleeve that tailor-fits your earphone to your ear. Less sound gets in, which means you can hear the good stuff nice and clearly. And you can even crack open a refreshing beverage at some stage to marvel how your brain picks up on the juicy commentary bits and draws your attention to it…..

Sports Earphones

Which brings us on to sportsmen and sportswomen and their earphones needs – particularly during training. The tailor fitted comfort of an earphone sleeve works for these guys in 2 ways:

Even "Sport" Earbuds like these BOSE quietsounds are better with custom sleeves.
Even “Sport” Earbuds like these BOSE quietsounds stay in your ears better with custom sleeves.
  1. If you are doing a lot of training, you want your sports earphones to be comfortable, because you’re going to be listening to that iPhone lots and lots – and not always in the quietest places. So what could be more comfortable than something made just for you?  Even better if it cuts out most of the distracting noise around you, so you can focus on your training.
  2. The second winnning feature for our perspiring sports-bretheren is that a well made custom made sleeve will not fall out. This comes in pretty handy when you are out running, training, kickboxing or generally working up a sweat, since the last thing you want to be thinking about is that your earphones are sliding out on a sea of sweat AGAIN.

So there you have it – if you are in sport or just into sport, look up something like our MusicClear earphone sleeves – you could find it the most essential bit of sporting gear you own.


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