Motorcycle Hearing Protection

An industry often overlooked on the hearing protection front is the motorcycle industry. Hearing Protection is only really needed for loud concerts and shooting right? Wrong! As well as concerts and shooting, motorcycle riders are also in grave danger of losing their hearing if they do not take the correct precautions. Although cheap foam bungs might just do the trick, why not invest a small amount in the best hearing protection possible – a pair of PERFECTfit custom moulded motorcycle hearing protection plugs!

With just over 1 million motorcyclists in the UK, there is a real danger of hearing loss among the riders who fail to use hearing protection when they ride. The major contributor to hearing loss in the motorcycle industry remains the “silent killer” known as “wind noise.” This can result in irreversible hearing loss damage over a period of time when adequate hearing protection is not worn. Several people still believe the causes of hearing loss are due to how loud the bike sounds, and/or that it affects only the people who do not wear full shell helmets.

Similar to the shooting and aviation industries, if this issue is not addressed correctly from the beginning the amount of exposure to the inner ear is compounded every time the rider ventures out on his/her bike for hours at a time.  “Wind noise” at motorway speeds can measure up to 103dB, or comparable to a running chainsaw. This noise is loud enough to cause tinnitus and permanent ear damage. At these levels the rider is not only fatiguing physically from the excess noise exposure, but it also puts him/her into a position of needing a hearing aid later in life. Below 30mph, machine, exhaust and environmental noises are heard. Once speeds exceed approximately 30mph, wind noise dominates completely.

Although there are several versions of hearing protection devices on the market, a custom set of earmoulds is still the best answer in suppressing sound. PERFECTfit have a few options available, all of which provide excellent attenuation values and are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. Get in touch with us today or speak to one of our partners who will gladly assist!

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