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We’ve long been aware that people are increasingly up to date with the range of assistive technologies available today, but that this poses a problem for hearing healthcare professionals: how to service these requirements without holding tons of stock?

PC Werth account holders can solve this by offering their patients and clients anything from the Sarabec range of communication solutions. This includes DORO mobile phones, loop systems, telephones, TV listeners and even fire protection systems. Considered in conjunction with PC Werth’s own range, we think there is pretty much everything you could ask for here.

Clients can simply browse the Sarabec and audiologists then order from PC Werth, as usual. PC Werth can even deliver direct to the client’s home address, making life easier and more satisfying for all.

All PC Werth customers need is the latest Sarabec brochure: perfect reading material for reception or waiting rooms!

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