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MODz modular micro-monitors are amazing sonic powerhouses. Using single driver in-ear monitor (IEM) technology, we have created a nice and neat package, with full single driver IEM performance. This makes them more useable and convenient in a variety of applications, without losing any of the performance

All of the sound quality and performance, in a neater, modular design
Extremely compact
Comfortable under crash helmets
Integrated wax filter stops wax build up
Easy to clean for better sound
Standard 3.5mm plug socket
Supplied with MusicClear custom made earphone sleeve
Optional extra noise filter (size dependant)


Black teflon Y-cable
3.5mm gold plated jack
Custom moulded fit
Fully hygienic and cleanable
Clear colour
1 year parts guarantee on Modz IEM and filter
1 year guarantee on manufacturing defects (moulds)
MODz with 3.5mm jack plug
MODz with 3.5mm jack plug


Material: comfortable medical grade silicone
Cable Length: 1450mm
MODz Micro Driver: 10mm x 3mm x 3mm
MODz Drivers fit deep in your ear for a more comfortable product

What is Included?

MODz Modular IEM
MusicClear custom made earphone sleeves
Fitting and Cleaning Guides
Handy Carry Pouch
Cleaning tool
Otoferm comfort creme


MODz micro monitors on an iPhone for scale
Noise filter insert

How to purchase:

Call one of our partners below to book a time for impression taking.
Get your impressions taken.
Receive your custom moulded solid plugs carefully crafted just for you!


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