Management Changes at PC Werth

As of 1st July, Lawrence Werth has decided to take a step back from day to day executive management at PC Werth, handing over the role of Managing Director to Tom Parker.

After 19 years at the helm, Lawrence adopts the role of Chairman, where his unique experience and involvement in the industry can be combined with his market and technical understanding, to help PC Werth and the Industry that he cares about so much.

Over the past few months, Tom has been working hard with a new management team to redefine PC Werth’s offering without hearing aids. “It’s like the old management cliché that goes something like this: Some people regard the glass as half empty. Others may think it is half full. We’re taking the approach that the glass needs to be somewhat bigger.

“The reality is that PC Werth has always been about so much more than hearing aids. And we now have the opportunity to do what we have always done best – bring innovation to the market and support our customers.”

The Operations side of the business has also been restructured under Kevin Simmons to be more responsive and effective. Meanwhile the sales force is also radically changing, where PC Werth is seeking to recruit a number of high profile professionals.

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