Leasing Solutions for PC Werth Customers

Leasing Solutions for PC Werth Customers: NHS, Public Sector & Independent Enterprises.


PC Werth is now pleased to offer a comprehensive range of leasing solutions to its NHS, Public Sector and Independent Hearing/Listening customers. By partnering with CHG-MERIDIAN  a global player in the financial word we feel better placed to meet the ongoing economic climate and financial pressures of our customers. CHG-MERIDIAN  is an appointed lessor within the NHS Supply Chain Leasing Framework which supports PC Werth’s desire to offer PASA approved IFS 17 Compliant Operating Lease solutions for our NHS customers and finance leasing solutions to Private, Independent enterprises, Schools, Public Sector and Local Authorities. 

For more information on PC Werth leasing solution please contact:

Healthcare – Stewart Howell – showell@pcwerth.co.uk

Education and Public Sector – Irene Rutherford – Irene@pcwerth.co.uk

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