Learning Tools for SEN Students

The effective integration of interactive communication technology (ICT) into the classroom has become the ambition of teachers, educators and practitioners across the board, especiallywithin special education needs (SEN) classrooms. Those who have hearing impairments in particular suffer in classrooms with poor acoustics, and interactive technology has proven to assist these students in excelling.

Commonly experienced obstacles to learning due to exclusion associated with hearing difficulties include concentration difficulties or auditory processing disorder. Improving communication in class subsequently boosts inclusion.

PC Werth has worked with Educational Audiologists and Teachers of the Deaf for years to improve learning outcomes of students in primary, secondary and further education.

Our solutions for hearing impaired, deaf and SEN students are effective because they improve the signal to noise ratio using one or all of the techniques:

  • Boosting signal strength
  • Reducing background noise
  • Improving intelligibility

We offer top solutions for Hearing Impaired Students and SEN and have created a list of these technologies.

1. Comfort Audio Digisystem

The Comfort Audio Digisystem is an acclaimed unobtrusive system that assists SEN and hearing impaired students. The devices work with or without hearing aids, BAHA and cochlear implants. The system provides a direct sound path from the educator’s mouth to the student’s ear, eliminating background noise issues. The system facilitates enhanced intelligibility.


2. FrontRow TOGO

The To Go system is a cordless Soundfield solution that recharges for outdoor work or mobile teaching. The FrontRow TOGO is an ideal solution for ensuring that hearing impaired students are included in lessons or for teachers seeking relief from vocal strain in different rooms during the day. It also works well for field trips, ad-hoc presentations and video-conferencing sessions.


3. Deskmate Powerwave Range

The Deskmate Powerwave PA system range is a flexible amplification system for speech and music. The system is not solely designed to support learners with hearing difficulties, but this system is flexible in its usage and light enough to carry by students, which makes it a convenient option.


4. Sound Ear Noise Monitoring

Sound Ear noise monitoring is an excellent visual indication of classroom noise and disturbance levels. In difficult classrooms teachers often struggle to manage noise and this system is a tool for doing just that. The technology acts as a siren to high noise levels and allows students to see how much noise is created in the room.


5. Absorbatone HushBoards and Husshh-Upps

Performing an acoustic treatment is an essential step to bettering acoustics. HushBoards are acoustic surface treatment tiles that absorb noise and reverberation. Hussh-Upps are a quick solution to a noisy classroom. Hussh-Upps tips are placed on the feet of chairs and remove the noise associated with the shuffling of chairs.



6. StarSound

StarSound is a versatile wide area broadcast system that is effectively used to stream sound in large spaces to hearing impaired individuals (with or without hearing aids). The system provides interference free sound   in larger spaces like halls, and is simple to install and requires low maintenance.


For more information about how your classrooms can benefit from SEN audio technology, we welcome you to contact us!







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