LACE UK Edition

LACE has been successfully used by over 60,000 people in the USA alone.

LACE UK Edition applies British accents and subject matter to the LACE system and is now available online.

LACE is brought to you in the UK by a number of organisations, who all lead the field in their areas:

  • Neurtone Inc – Neurotone are the creators of LACE
  • PC Werth – PC Werth is the representative of LACE and sole rights holder for LACEUK
  • Your Certified LACE Training Centre or LACE provider

Neurotone Inc

LACE has been developed from the work of Professor Robert Sweetow, of the University of California, by Neurotone, also based in California.

Neurotone understood the advantages and technological challenges of taking Prof Sweetow’s concept of high quality rehabilitation and training out of the clinical environment and into the home. By working with prof Sweetow and other thought leaders in audiology, healthcare and technology, LACE was created for the US market.