LACE UK Edition – Learn in the Queen’s English

LACE is the world’s only at-home audiological rehabilitation tool. Developed in conjunction with Prof. Robert Sweetow in California, it has been a tremendous success story across the Atlantic with over 60,000 courses taken to date – both by people with and without hearing aids. 

We are so convinced by the benefits of LACE for the audiological community and end-user alike that we have just completed an agreement with the software’s developers, Neurotone, to develop a version for the UK. This exciting project is a first for PC Werth and for Neurotone and involves completely recreating more than 20 hours of spoken content and interesting information with a variety of UK English voices.

 This is important because, until now, LACE’s benefits for British users have been limited by the American accents in the voice recordings, which our sensitive ears in the UK are not so used to listening to and understanding.

With our investments and partnership with Neurotone, the LACE UK Edition will be available through certified LACE professionals in early Summer 2011.

For more information visit our LACE UK pages on the PC Werth website.

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