Kamplex Invitation to British Audiologists

Delain Wright PC Werth MD

From a Long Proud History in Hearing Aids

Dear Colleague,

NHS Audiology a Global example of hearing care for All! Kamplex hearing aids are pleased to announce we have been accepted by the ASG onto NHS framework contract.

As many markets struggle with ways to meet the needs of all hearing impaired and cost containment in audiology, the UK quietly gets on with helping millions of hearing impaired… all at a great value… Something to celebrate!

IntriCon components have been featured in more NHS hearing aids than any other hearing aid manufacture and we are looking to the future as we have an exciting product road map that includes: best in class wireless, audiologist assisted self-fitting, remote streaming microphone… all at NHS pricing.


Kamplex Two product solutions — Mild to Severe — means additional savings

  • One BTE model for mild to severe hearing losses
  • Off-the-shelf ITE hearing aid, for when it matters
  • Lower stock holding
  • Fast loading, intuitive software
  • Accurate first fit


We are looking for smart creative forward thinkers to work with us to define the future of UK NHS hearing products roadmap.

Hopefully you have recently received your launch packet … Please contact us to request a 30 minutes meeting, for us to describe in more details how we can help your department.

Call:     020 8772 2700

Email: info@pcwerth.co.uk


Yours sincerely,

Delain Wright
Managing Director


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