Kamplex ITE KITE

The Kamplex KITE is a user-friendly instant-fit in the ear hearing aid (ITE). Small like an ear tip, the KITE sits in the outer portion of the ear canal. Kamplex in the ear hearing aids are easy to adjust, comfortable to wear and suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss. Designed to give high levels of wearability, KITE performs strongly in core functions and is particularly easy to live with and use. The Air-Tap function makes KITE simple to control and use without the need for extensive patient acclimatisation or training. KITE also works for clinicians as it provides the benefits of an ITE off-the-shelf and without customisation. Kamplex Kite Hearing Aids

Key Features

  • Modular instant-fit ITE hearing aid
  • Air-Tap gesture control system
  • Comfortable occlusion-free fit
  • 4 programmes
  • Available in beige or black
  • Fast to fit and adjust
  • Reliant clear 4th generation adaptive feedback cancellation technology
  • Dynamic speech enhancement
  • Memory change/ low battery indicator
  • Easily serviceable D-ring in-concha retention system

Colours Available

Kite - Black Kamplex Hearing Aids