BTE Hearing Aid K940D – Mild to Severe Hearing Loss

Now With Even Wider Fitting Range

The new Kamplex K940D BTE hearing instrument is quiet enough to fit mild losses, yet powerful enough for severe. With the broadest fitting range of any hearing instrument, K940D is suitable for most patients. Available in a choice of five colours and can be fitted with either ear hook or thin tube.
K940D Image-Beige

Colours Available

Kamplex K940D is now available in five different colours to best assist your patients’ needs and preferences.

 K940D Beige-Label K940D Bronze-Label K940D Silver Grey-Label K940D Pearl White-Label K940D Metallic Black-Label

Key Features

      • Wide fitting range
      • Tri-mode reach (dynamic contract detection)
      • Layered noise reduction
      • Adaptive directional
      • Thin tube or ear hook
      • Active telecoil
      • Adaptive feedback cancellation
      • Voice prompts
      • Dynamic speech enhancement
      • Auto-save settings


Fitting Kit

Classic Ear Hook

Thin Tubes

Domes: S,M,L


ZipTip (instant custom tip)

Sizing tool

Programming cables with cable adapter