Kamplex BTE Hearing Aid K200D

Kamplex K200D

The Kamplex K200D is a highly effective, classic behind the ear hearing aid, designed to deliver high performance without undue complexity or sacrificing simplicity of use for user or clinician. Fitted using the K-Fit software, requires minimal training to achieve a good result with simple toggles to fine-tune previous fitting. Behind the ear Kamplex hearing aids are available in four different colours (silver grey, black, beige and pearl white) to suit your unique preferences and can be worn either with a slim tube or a classic ear hook. The K200D is suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.

  BTE Kamplex HEaring AId Beige

Available Colours

Kamplex hearing aids 4 colours


Key Features

  • Ear hook or slim tube fittings
  • Large multi-function rocker switch control
  • Up to 4 independently programmable memories
  • Phase Frequency Marker Feedback Control (AFC)
  • Available in silver grey, black, beige and pearl white colour
  • Fast to fit and adjust
  • Dynamic Speech Enhancement (DSE)
  • 8 channel wide dynamic range compression
  • 8 channel maximum power output (MPO) limiting
  • Programmable power-on delay with adjustable level


Fitting Kit

Classic Ear Hook

Thin Tubes

Domes: S,M,L


ZipTip (instant custom tip)

Sizing tool

Programming cables with cable adapter